Music SA are pleased to announce their continued partnership with The Superloop Adelaide 500 to present Bands On Track – a showcase of great South Australian music over three nights as part of the Superloop Adelaide 500 Concert Series, Friday 21, Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 February 2020.

Can anybody enter the Bands On Track competition?

The competition is open to any original contemporary artist based in South Australia. Where band members live in different states, 50% of the band must live in SA to be eligible.

Is there a deadline for applications?

The online application forms will close at midnight on Sunday 5th January 2020.

Can I apply for more than one of the concerts?

Yes you can, if you feel that stylistically your music would suit more than one of the after race concerts. You’ll need to fill in separate application forms. Winners are only selected to perform at one of the three concerts.

How are the winners selected?

Every single application is considered. Music SA conduct an initial assessment of applications, based on the bands industry professionalism, stylistic suitability, and prior live music performance experience. A shortlist of 10 applications per concert (a total of 30 artists) will be passed onto a judging panel of music industry professionals who all vote independently and discreetly to decide the final winners. These votes are given back to the Music SA event staff who are then able to determine the winners. There are two winners per concert, a total of six South Australian artists. The 2020 judges are available to view on this website, under the about tab.

When do winners get announced?

We will announce the winners on Friday January 17 2020. We will issue a media release, and we will also announce the winners on the Bands on Track website, as well as Music SA’s website, e-newsletter and all digital channels.

Do the winners get paid to perform?

Absolutely. The artists will be paid by Music SA upon receipt of a tax invoice or a hobby form, if the band does not have an ABN, although it should.

Can I get feedback on why I wasn’t selected?

We wish we could, but due to the large number of applications received, we cannot possibly enter into discussions about the final decisions. Winners are selected based on artistic merit, prior live music performance experience, current profile and the applicant’s ability to complement the headline acts.

My question isn’t answered above. Is there a contact at Music SA I can talk to?

Sure, please email [email protected] for further information.

I work for a media outlet. Who can I talk to about the Bands On Track project?

Please contact [email protected] for all publicity enquiries.